The 2nd Financial Econometrics MeetingPost-Crisis Challenges (FEM-2021), jointly organized by the EDC Paris Business School and French Association of Financial Econometrics (FAFE), will take place on 01-02 July 2021 at the EDC Paris Business School, Paris, (France).

In the last twenty years, several periods of turmoil (the internet bubble, the subprime crisis, sovereign debt, Coronavirus, etc.) have shaped the financial and economic system. Economics and Financial spheres exhibit more uncertainty, many complexities, nonlinearity dynamic, chaotic characteristics, etc. The internet bubble, the financialization of commodities markets, and particularly the subprime crisis have led to several transformations in both financial and economic systems. The commodities markets lead to new lessons in terms of hedging, portfolio diversification, pricing, etc. The Subprime crisis leads to new regulatory policies such as Basle III in order to avoid these crises. It has influenced governance transformations at both macro and micro levels, as calls for more ethical and sustainable standards in finance and economic spheres have been growing since 2007. From the economic side, monetary policy has experienced a transition from conventional to unconventional frameworks in both industrialized and emerging economies, lower levels of short term interest rate as well as the long term interest. More recently, new forms of money have been introduced, such as virtual money (Bitcoin, among others), leading to a new bubble that might affect financial markets. More recently, the Coronavirus health crisis has plunged the world into a chaotic economic and financial situation. These recurrent crises lead to a high level of uncertainty. 

During these twenty years, the financial econometrics discipline has been developed substantially, especially with more approaches modeling complexity, nonlinearity, chaotic behavior, high-frequency data, big data, networks, etc. 

The current call for papers invites authors to submit proposals mobilizing differ-ent approaches to analyze the macro and micro effects of these changes on the financial and economic systems. Particularly, all contributions related to economic and finance mutations and the consequences in terms of uncertainty and risk management are welcome. 

This conference is organized by the EDC Paris Business School & French Association of Financial Econometrics (FAFE). We cordially invite academics, practitioners, and policymakers who address these issues to submit papers.




  • Prof. Steven Ongena, Professor of Finance in (University of Zurich, Switzerland), and senior chair at the Swiss Finance Institute & co-editor in Economic Inquiry & International Journal of Central Banking & International Review of Finance, and the Journal of Financial services Research


Prof. Mark P. Taylor, (Mark P. Taylor is Dean of the Olin Business School at Washington University in St Louis, USA, as well as the Donald Danforth Jr Distinguished Professor of Finance at Washington University) & managing editor in Applied Economics cs.Mark_Taylor_Photo_4.jpg





Conferences co-chairs

Prof. Zied Ftiti, EDC Paris Business School (France)

Prof. Wael Louhichi, ESSCA School Management (France)

Prof. Jean-Luc Prigent, CY Cergy Paris University (France)

Important dates

Submission deadline:  April 30, 2021

Notification for review results: May 05, 2021

Early Registration deadline: May 20 , 2021

Registration deadline: May 25, 2021

Conference event: July 01-02, 2021






1) Journal of Economic Behavioral & Organization: Financial Crisis and Investors Behavior



2) Annals of Operations Research: Risk And Uncertainty Modelling In Financial And Economic Systems: Evidence From Advanced Operational Research Methods. 




3) Computational Economics: Crisis and Risk Management: Recent developments in computational Econometrics 


4) Journal of Risk and Financial Management : Financial Markets in Time of Crisis.



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